Thursday, January 24

It's a Girl

That's right! We found out today that we're having a girl.

She has a head and a spine and a stomach and all the normal things... like a scary skeletal face.

We are open to name suggestions. Currently, the winners are:

Cinderella (from 5 year old nephew)

Dondalachelle (Don-DA-LA-shell) (from my SO funny brothers)

Little Sister Love Joy (from Tyler's brother)

We're both excited and a bit overwhelmed. It seems real now. Thank goodness she's healthy. I was worried I'd taken showers that were too hot or had one too many Dr. Peppers or been infected with the dangerous lysteria those times I ate Subway. Goes to show that I shouldn't have been reading What to Expect When You're Expecting. They should call it Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong While You're Pregnant. I guess I can start calling it a her, now.


Blume Bunch said...

Girls are the wont be too long before youll take her shopping and shell scream with excitement over something sparkley and beautiful!!!

Mrs. Bush said...

Boys are the best...(I guess I have a biased opinion)! Just kidding! Girls are so much more fun to dress...seriously, the clothes are much cuter! Congratulations!

ty & megs said...

whaoo!! i'm partial to little girls myself. i know what you mean about it all seeming "real" now that you've seen her. that is when it really hit ty that we WERE actually having a baby.

Chelsi & Eric said...

congratulations, stephanie! that's so fun you're having a girl. and about the worrying, i know what you mean. every time i leave the doctor they've said something else that makes me think i've done something horrible to my child and that if i don't have this baby within the next couple days, it's going to die. have you read "the girlfriends guide to pregnancy"? i think you'd reeeally like it. it's basically the opposite of what to expect when you're expecting, and makes you realize how normal you are. and it's really funny.

Logan and Emily Bohman said...

I totally gave up reading that stupid book because I had nightmares every night. Do you know what colors you're going to do your nursery now and everything? How did you make your cute blogger heading? Teach me the ways!

Bethany said...

I had (have) this super ugly wart on my finger and it won't go away... ever. While I was pregnant with Kiana I was using this doctor schoells product. After about a month I had a realization that it was probably baing absorbed into my blood stream and turning Kiana into a mutant.

I didn't feel better until she came out without scales, fangs or an extra set of genitals.

Jack and Annie said...

HURRAY!!! Our girls can play and have fun together! Is Tyler excited!?! You and I need to get together! What do you think about the Chandler mall? I can lug me and baby around for a bit!

Audrey said...

I love the "scary skeleton face" comment. You won't believe it, but when you see that "scary skeleton face" for the first time, you'll be smitten forever more.
Let's see good names...that's such a personal thing. Are you into classics such as Katherine, Madeleine, or such or are you looking more for unique names? Or, are you trying to avoid the top 10 list? You've got to establish tighter perameters here.

Bethany said...

I love my Baby Bjorn. Its a baby carrier and a must have. Great for shopping and hiking and stuff and babies are so comfortable in them.

Butt Paste is excellent for diaper rashes.

Really, though, you don't need half the things the books tell you that you need. We never got a changing table (gasp) or a bassinet (gasp) or a diaper genie. Our kids survived.