Sunday, December 16

Pregnant Looks

Why is it that when someone finds out I'm expecting, they
immediately look at my stomach? Are they trying to see how fat I've gotten? Are they looking for proof that I'm telling the truth? Do they do it because they can't help it? Do they think that they have super-stealthlike abilities and can afford a quick looky without me noticing?

I suppose at some point people are going to start touching my belly, too. Won't that just be super.


Mrs. Bush said...

Is this your baby? Are you showing yet? Then you'll get even more funny looks. Haven't they ever seen a pregnant lady before?

ty & megs said...

funny. as i was reading that i thought "just wait until people start touching her belly!" and the worst is when they touch you when you aren't really showing yet or your little belly is still small. it's like "you wouldn't dare touch me there is weren't prego! so why do you think you can now?"

Audrey said...

Okay, this is totally reminding me of a forward I got one time that said something to the effect of:
"Why do people point at their wrists when they want to know the time?" The author goes on to say, "You don't see me pointing at my crotch because I want to know where a bathroom is." Hilarious.
Anyway, you can just click on my name from here and visit my blog. I now place complete and total pressure on you to post something for each and every entry and furthermore you must add me to your friend list. See what a high maintenance person I am?

Bethany said...

I usually didn't appreciate it when strange people touched my belly. There was this one girl, though, that sometimes sat next to me in RS. Even though I didn't know her well, she lightly scratched my tummy. Weird, right? I should have told her to keep her hands to herself. But if felt sooooo good so I didn't want her to stop... ever.

I tried to sit by her every week.