Tuesday, December 18

Hair Color

Whenever something isn't feeling quite right, I immediately look to my hair, and wonder what I can do to change it. It has been many different colors and I would like to take a moment to showcase my obsessive compulsive tendencies.

I wish I had never started the coloring process myself. Perhaps then, I would be too scared to try anything and too poor to go and have something done. Don't get me wrong, dye is able to spice up self-esteem as nothing else really can, but whenever I'm having a bad day, I'm tempted to do something to my hair. On occasion I've been known to change something every single week. Someone needs to tell me to make up my mind or get some OCD meds. I only bring up my color issues because I'm wanting to change my color. I just changed it last week.


Ryan said...

I have had my natural color for two years now and am just itching for some highlights. ITCHING.

Ryan said...

Ha ha! I am Bethany. I guess I am logged on under my hubbies side.

Chelsi & Eric said...

what the!? you're pregnant?! how far along are you? congratulations and i want to hear about this! (will you email eric when you have time?)