Friday, October 22

So lately

Finley's been sleeping 8 hour stretches! Why am I still tired?

I'm able to zip and button my non-maternity pants (but only if I have no intention of doing anything but standing).

Eliot's been waking up with night terrors. She runs around screaming "I don't want to" at 2:30 in the morning. Apparently I'm a bad mom even in her dreams. And, what makes this even more enjoyable is the first item of this list- Finley's sleeping 8 hours and I'm still having to get up.

At one month old, Finley now weighs 9 lbs and is 22 in long. Eliot, at one month, was 10 lbs 11 oz and 21.5 in. I don't know if this means Fin is small or Eliot was big. I do know that Fin isn't fitting in her cute clothes yet. I'm so tired of her NB outfits.

And finally, someone at the gym asked me if I was working out for two. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He said I looked pregnant. I told him thank you for saying so but I had my baby three weeks ago (at the time). He said oh, I would have thought you were three months pregnant.


Chelsi Ritter said...

stephanie you crack me up. i'm sorry about eliot not sleeping! i hear it's pretty common for the older sibling to get bad sleeping habits when a baby comes along; drats. anyway, you have the cutest little girls, i have to say.
and about the gym guy comment, i totally hear you. i had an experience like that after i had aspen; she must have been about a month old, and a woman asked me when the one in my belly was due. some people!!

merathon said...

people need to keep their mouths SHUT! when berkeley was just 3 days old, someone asked me how far along i was and i wanted to strangle her!

Tiff G. said...

Steph, you're a month out from having a baby, she's sleeping 8 hours a night...a miracle!!!
And again, you're a month out from having a baby, give your body a break, you look great!!!