Thursday, October 15

How It Is

Remember when I didn't post for like a whole month? Yeah, me neither.

I know I said I was going private (and I may still) but then I realized that my favorite brother, Scotty (sorry Chris ;), is on a mission in WV and checks my blog to see what he's missing and if I go private he won't be able to see all the chaos in my world. Still going to have to weigh the options.

I have depleted all reserves of patience while trying to clean the house from the 16 month old tornado. She's learned to climb stools and tables and desks and entertainment centers and she likes to hit. It's amazing how much I can screw up my child when I've only been at it for such a short amount of time. If we take x amount of screw up and multiply that by years living under my care and add in some traumatizing experiences that I'm sure to cause her, we end up with YEARS and YEARS in counseling. She may have to have some too.

The half marathon is next weekend. While training for it, we went running on South Mountain and I got lost. YEAH! WHO'S NUMBER ONE? Three hours later, I was home and swearing at everything natural and dirty and nature related.
While we were in Chicago, Tyler bought me this amazing little gadget. It even talks to me and tells me my song names. The most amazing part about it is the sweat I drip that slides down the headphone cord and causes the controls to malfunction rendering my volume, skip, pause, play, and this song sucks buttons useless. It sure looks pretty though. I've fixed the problem but I don't feel like going into it. If you're curious, let me know and I'll let you know what I did.
Eliot still refuses to let me do something with this she-mullet she's got going on. She screamed for the whole three minutes she had her pigtails in yesterday.
And, finally, Eliot has developed a taste for Dr. Pepper. I was wondering if she was really my child every time she hit me or got out of the shopping cart or stroller (seriously, I was never that naughty!) but then she stole my drink and was in instant heaven. I guess she is mine!


Bethany said...

Don't tell, but Kiana's first non-me beverage was Dr. Pepper. But don't tell.