Thursday, June 18

Violation of Bedroom Rules!!!

Tyler totally violated the STAY ON YOUR HALF OF THE BED rule last night.

I've gotten used to the fact that he steals the blankets.

I'm fine with the fact that sometimes he snores.

I am not okay when he compromises my personal space. I like to sleep alone. Since twin beds for married couples went out the window after all the Doris Day movies, I feel as though the way for our marital co-sleeping survival is only through this separation.

I feel bitter that I had to sleep on 1/8 of the mattress. I never really wanted a King bed before this moment. I'm starting to see it's appeal.


Lane and Hannah said...

I feel that way everytime Lane roles over and elbows me in the head...

Julianne said...

A King is the way to go, especially with kids jumping on top of you in the morning.