Wednesday, March 18

Yeah, that's right!

Eliot is now 9 months old.  She's my favorite.  Although I'm totally tired of picking dirt and rocks out of her mouth, she makes me so happy!!!  
She's a total ham.  She likes to put on a show.  She's not too sure of men.  I think that's funny.  I also think it's funny that she sits like this (see below).  I'm not sure if it's some yoga pose or an attempt at cross-legged.  
We went swimming today.  Yes, it is only March.  One of the perks of living in the desert.  I am sunburned.  Not one of the perks of living in the desert.Even though the water was FREEZING, Eliot loved it.  I sat in the sun (cause of said sunburn) while she floated in the water.  This is going to be a great summer!

I definitely look that cute in a swimsuit, too.  


Tiff G. said...

Yes you are right, she is the cutest baby ever! I love her crossed-legs already so proper!
It was fun hanging out last night, we need to do it more often!!!

Sarah Jayne said...

I'll bet you look amazing in your swimsuit!! Which half are you running? That's very cool!! Please, please call me when you come to Utah. Its been wayyyy too long. I'm hoping there's some way we can make it up to Idaho for the wedding. I would love to see everyone!